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Buying on Ebay

April 12, 2013

I recently started buying shoes on eBay and thought of putting together a quick post on how to identify a good seller. So without further ado, I bring to you my words of wisdom:

  • Make sure the seller has at least a 99% rating 

  • Read the sellers feedback – at least the last 3 months feedback  if not all of it

  • Make sure he/she has done enough business. A seller with 100% positive rating with only one sale does not count

  • Take into account the shipping costs 

  • Consider what shipping options are offered. Most ebay sellers in the US use USPS and it sucks. Be sure to get tracking info. To be safe use Priority or Express shipping options. They are a tad bit expensive but totally worth it 

  • Be aware of Asian sellers, a lot of fakes are made in countries like China and Taiwan. That said, there are a lot of legit Asian sellers too! So do you research before buying - this is where ratings and feedback will help take the right decission

  • Contact the seller if you have any questions. Ask for more images if the ones they’ve provided aren't good enough 

  • Make sure the shoe is in mint condition. Most sellers do mention that through terms like DS (Dead Stock), which means the shoe was never used or even tried on 

  • Make sure all communication and transactions take place on eBay website. To be eligible for a dispute claim the transaction needs to have taken place on ebay using PayPal ONLY. If a seller suggests using any other mode just decline it

  • Having said all of the above, eBay has your back. I had called for a pair that never arrived. I filed a complaint and got my money back within 2-3 days!

Legit eBay sellers:

  • jkquesnel:

  • Id4shoes:

  • 4Kickz:

  • Shoejocky:

  • FootSoldiers:

  • rmkstore:

  • nyzcorp:

* Note: I’ve personally purchased shoes from only jkquesnel from the above list and he’s an awesome seller (Y)

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