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New Balance Fresh Foam Gobi - Great for Underpronators

May 1, 2017


Sometime early this year, I ventured on this quest to buy a pair of running shoes. No, it was not a new years resolution but just an excuse to buy another pair of shoes :D.

Well, for reasons that I do not comprehend, I wanted to buy something other than the highly marketed brands like Nikes/Adidas and go for something a lot more "exotic" or perhaps "serious" so, New Balance happened. 

My first ever New Balance pick up, I did not know what to expect. Did my homework and learnt that I was an underpronator so called for the Gobi trail runners which were perfect for folks like me. Why trail runners? I've come to learn that Mumbai streets are lot meaner than trails in other parts of the world. And to be honest, my research pointed out these aren't trail runners per se but a hybrid of a city & trail runner. So in my books these shoes fit the bill. 


'Underpronator' WTF is that? 

Underpronators are those folks who usually land on the outer part of their feet while running and the arch of the foot barely ever touches the ground. For me, this caused twisted ankles, so I did some research and found out that shoes with good cushioning and a neutral stride is what I needed. 


Is this shoe any good?

In a word, yes, I love these! they are super light, cushy and they look killer! what more do I need from a running shoe. While these are not a premium release, they aren't exactly a regular colorway either. It's the Moon Phase and the upper is all 3M reflective which I absolutely adore. These are neck breakers for sure and if you're looking for "Good Looking" Running shoes then look no further, these are the bomb. 

In terms of comfort they are obviously not boost level but I found them to comparable to Adidas Bounce serious. 


Final Thoughts: 

I love these shoes but I think a good running shoe is extremely personal, while you can go by this review to know if there are any red flags or things to avoid but other than that, I'd recommend trying them on before buying them. The good thing about Amazon, Myntra & the likes is that you can always return them if you don't like them and given these arent exactly cheap (~ INR 7k), you'd rather not take a leap of faith.  









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