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A Game of Knits

March 2, 2017


Clearly, knits are here to stay. A material loved by athletes and hypebeasts alike, it has become quite a staple in everyones sneaker rotation. . The trend started by Nike with Flyknit was quickly picked up by Adidas in the form of Primeknit, Puma got Evoknit and then others put forth their own versions of this premium material. 


(Seemingly) The last one to enter the game is Reebok with their version, known as "Ultraknit". The sneaker in conversation here is known as the Zoku Runner and I love it! 

Reebok took inspiration from legends off its stable to build this sneaker. A beautiful mash-up of the Reebok Classic + Aztec Runner + Dual Pump Runner, this sneaker adapts the company's rich history to build an amazing contemporary sneaker. And as an homage to those that came before it, the Zoku Runner also proudly incorporates the crosscheck, originally created as a symbol of movement and momentum.


To be launched in 5 colorways, Reebok is coming in all guns blazing as far as creating a variety of options for it's customers. From the bright reds to the modern greys, there's something for everyone. It's been a long time that I've been this excited for something coming off Reebok's stables and I strongly believe this shoe will not disappoint. 


Here's to Reebok and an amazing 2017! 








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